Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Recommended Training!

Dog Training Review

Max our German Shepherd had earned himself quite a reputation for being unfriendly and often a vicious dog. However since using the principles outlined in Sitstayfetch with Max, he has improved unbelievably.
He would show aggression towards anyone in “his” territory, other dogs, strangers, anybody that came to close. Even people he knows, including growling and going for the local vet. It seemed that if anyone approached his comfort zone they best look out.
His reputation around town was that of a vicious dog, which is unfortunate, as at home he is very placid, big softie that we could do anything with.
When on a lead, in the car etc. most people would see Max as a dog that was threatening and menacing
When out walking with our dog, people wanting to approach the dog and us would have to keep their distance. We would have to warn them not to come near the dog.
Max failed miserably at dog behaviour training and we were getting desperate, when we came across Sitstayfetch on the Internet.
Sitstayfetch has been invaluable in helping us gain control of Max, by showing him who is the boss without him feeling threatened, or that continued need to protect us.
By applying the principles outlined in Sitstayfetch even the townsfolk have seen the improvement in him.
Max is getting to be a pleasure to take for a walk, not the nightmare he used to be.
I have since recommended Sitstayfetch to several people and those that have used it are now recommending it to others.
As a bonus you can also sign up for a Free! subscription to the 'Dog Behavior Training Tips' which is delivered by e-mail (Value $29) but it’s Free and full of great stuff.
And if all else fails SitStayFetch gives you a no-risk 2-month instant money-back guarantee.
That’s right! 2 months to examine and use in your own home, the dog obedience training information, tips and techniques.
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